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Life is Beautiful Festival 2013

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ezra koenig aka sass princess everybody

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i accidentally paused at a vampire weekend interview and

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Tomorrow I’ll be stronger, running colorful, no longer just in black and white.

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Alex Turner - Glass In The Park


stuck on the puzzle // alex turner

something in your magnetism must have pissed them off
forcing them to get an early night
i have been searching from the bottom to the top for such a sight
as the one i caught when i saw your fingers dim in the light


I used to go to the beach during the summer and enjoy my favourite tracks contemplating the sea. I noticed how the waves matched the music, making a perfect and exceptional composition; when this track went on, I felt like I’d found something really special.  So I made a mix to share with you.

One of the prettiest tunes I’ve ever heard!

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Transparent Jamie Cook

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